The leading force in radio head technology

Radiocomp develops the software-configurable radio head systems that are vital for effectively implementing next-generation wireless communication capabilities.

We provide a focused, customer-centric approach to these crucial systems, focusing on open standards and seamless compatibility – as opposed to previous-generation proprietary solutions and traditional “silo” thinking about hardware.

We apply our unique R&D know-how, experience and resources so customers can get the exact configuration they require, with minimum operating costs and maximum reliability, and featuring exceptional radio resilience and quality of service.


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Radiocomp products are pivotal in modern life

Radio head technology pioneer


Radiocomp is a global pioneer in the development of next-generation software-configurable radio head technologies, systems, and products that customers use to deploy and update forward-thinking wireless networks and other critical infrastructure.

We are one of the world’s leading R&D and implementation forces in this highly specialized field.

What we do

We develop, refine and deliver specialist hardware and software platforms that leverage a wide range of commercial solutions that are ideal for boosting the effectiveness, reliability, and QoS of customers’ wireless connectivity and value-adding services – now and in the future.

Why it’s important

Radiocomp specializes in software-driven technologies that usher in a radically different approach to the systems used in wireless communication, focusing on open standards and seamless compatibility – as opposed to previous-generation proprietary solutions and traditional “silo” thinking.

The technologies we work on developing and deploying are crucial for the take-up and success of 5G wireless communication, and its use in completely new types of connectivity, including the entire IoT field and the rapid proliferation of inter-connected sensors and automation capabilities.

Why we’re hiring

Radiocomp is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of software-configurable radio head products and systems. The technologies we work with and the specialist capabilities we provide are evolving and improving all the time. That’s why we want to double our development capacity by summer 2023.

Radiocomp has a substantial – and growing – pipeline of new customers, and we are looking for the specialists who can help us meet this accelerating demand. To do this, we need the brightest, most innovative and most experienced people to deploy their unique skill sets and technical capabilities to meet a rapidly accelerating range of customer requirements amid new worldwide technical standards and QoS expectations.

Why you should work for us

We’re one of the world’s most accomplished know-how centers in this specialist field. Our resources, experience and R&D efforts cannot be bettered anywhere else.

If you want to work at the forefront of this kind of research, development, and innovation, Radiocomp is the place to be, and will be a big plus on your CV, moving forward.